Monday, January 28, 2008

net-guide in 2007

Have you submitted your website to net-guide yet?

Well, you should. In case you don't know, net-guide is an accessible search engine. Nothing all that exciting there - Google, for instance, is pretty accessible. But what about the websites returned in the results?

net-guide provides an accessibility rating for each website in the database. That way users have a fair idea whether they can use a website before going there.

The statistics for 2007 show that more and more people are turning to net-guide to search the web. In 2006, there were just over 160,000 visits to the search engine and directory. 2007 saw more than 290,000 visits. Every year since launch in 2004 has seen a sizeable increase in activity. There's no reason to suppose 2008 will be any different.

I sometimes wonder what this means. Is it simply that more people are discovering net-guide? Or is it indicative of something more serious - that the internet landscape is becoming less accessible and turning to it out of necessity? I suspect the former, in all likelihood. But if you are a convert to net-guide, I'd love to know why you use it.

So if you are a webmaster, then you want to have your site listed on net-guide. All those lovely people could be looking for a website just like yours.

And that's a pointer as to why accessibility is important. There are a lot of lovely people using net-guide. The numbers might not rival Google. But it is still plenty of people. Those of you who still think that accessibility is a minority sport and not cost-effective are mistaken, because the numbers do stack up.

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