Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Entry level audio description freeview box

Have you seen all those ads in the UK by the broadcasters promoting the fact that they provide audio description? If you haven't, well, audio description is an extra narrative voice added to TV shows to help visually impaired viewers follow the visual action.

There's always been two issues with audio description. Firstly, the lack of programmes that have it, and secondly, the prohibitive cost of the hardware.

Now this is cool. ALDI is selling a Freeview digital box that provides audio description. All for a very, very decent price. Whether this price has been achieved by building something that won't last for the length of an episode of Eastenders, who can say. But if you're looking to find out if audio description is something you might like, then this is a good way to do it.

That still leaves the issue of the volume of programmes with audio description. All the major broadcasters are committed to providing more such programmes. But is there anything like enough?

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